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Our first gay webcam show, recorded for you to remember.


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Nicolás had only to guess a number in a maximum of attempts. He almost did it, but almost is not enough. And you know what loosers do, jerl off for you all to watch.

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Four boys accepted the challenge of betting their asses in a game to the highest card. Each round, the one with the lowest card pays garment. The first to be naked is the loser, and will have to offer his ass to the winner.


After passing his individual casting, Christian Martin had to cross with Kenzo and Izan. This is a video we didn't publish in its moment and we have recovered it for you all.

Christian challenges Kenzo and Izan

Our boys, in addition to testing new candidates, also want to have fun between them. One boring evening Kenzo Alenkar and Jhony C wanted to fuck together and we told him they were allowed if we could film it. Here you have the results.