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For this show we brought Devon Suárez. But a member of the audience in Boyberry wanted to join the party and they ended in a jerk off together. Who was that person? Watch the movie to meet him. Will he dare to join the company as a pornstar?


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On a torrid summer day Izan had to demonstrate his capabilities as an active. For that he chose two of our pornstars with absolute contrast, Joan de Bi, the twink, and Jorge Ballantinos, the muscular.

The hot climate plus the heat their bodies gave off didn't made it easy for him. In this video you will see what is sweating to work.

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Nicolás had only to guess a number in a maximum of attempts. He almost did it, but almost is not enough. And you know what loosers do, jerl off for you all to watch.

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Yago's test as a future XXX gay porn star future seems easy: peeling a banana while striping himself and jerk off at the same time. But it needs to maintain control to come at the right time.

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You can enjoy the video of the casting where the masculine Billy Baval is tested by Joan de Bi and Michel.

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