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In this show Ángel and Devon bet their asses to a card game. Do you want to know who lost and was fucked up the ass?


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We put Drago a simple test at first sight: to try to keep in the air a ping pong ball. But clearly, some day he had to drop the ball. So in a while we had him jerk off in front of us.

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You can enjoy the video of the casting where the masculine Billy Baval is tested by Joan de Bi and Michel.

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As it is our habit, when Xavi Roldán showed intereste in joinung us we asked him to wank in front of the camera to demonstrate his aptitudes.

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Our boys, in addition to testing new candidates, also want to have fun between them. One boring evening Kenzo Alenkar and Jhony C wanted to fuck together and we told him they were allowed if we could film it. Here you have the results.