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List of our best gay Spanish porn actors

The best porn actors are not those who know how to fuck better, nor those who have more endurance. In the end, the best actor is the one who takes his job more professionally.

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Toni Carvallo spanish gay pornstar profile

Aragón es a land of jotas and good stallions. Toni is the living proof!

Taylor Arias latino gay pornstar profile

Does he remind you of someone? Think, think. You'll enjoy his works.

Adriano Veloce latino gay pornstar profile

Multiculturalism is not only interesting in art. In sex it's a plus!

Santiago latino gay pornstar profile

Un venezolano muy maduro, masculino, joven y sexual. ¡Viva Venezuela!

Dylan Vargas latino gay pornstar profile

¿Quien dijo que en colombia no hay buenos machos? Dylan es un buen ejemplo.


Nominated by the audience

After the many years that we have been working, many of our clients have expressed their favorable vote for some of the actors that have passed through our hands. Taking into account the opinions and votes of our users we have made this classification that we present below.

Best actor

In the category of best latino gay porn actor we value many aspects. It is the most complete category, which requires fulfilling more requirements. Perhaps the best actor will not be the one with the biggest tail but surely he has it with a lot of presence; maybe he's not the best ass, but he'll be close; Your body will surely be very good, although there may be somebody who is more fit or more muscular. The best actor needs to be very complete in many ways. And not only in the physical, but also have to have a lot of fluency in front of the camera, move well, speak and express correctly and that you understand what he says, be very photogenic.

Taking into account all these aspects, and listening to the opinions of our subscribers, the one that has been selected as the best actor is: JOAN DE BI.

Free photo access profile Joan de Bi spanish latino movie xxx gay pornstars

Joan de Bi

Joan of Bi is passion made man. These turquoise eyes, enticing smile, worked body, innate sweetness ... that's what we call a hottie? Wouldn't you like to loose between the sheets with him overnight?

Best cock

The size of the phallus is important when it comes to recording porn, and gay porn in particular. When filming, it is important that the penetration be taken as clearly as possible with the camera; the smaller the size of the penis, the harder it is for the camera to find an angle in the space between the bodies of the actors from which to take a good picture of the penetration.

The main physical characteristics that are valued in a penis are three. The length, the curvature, and the width. Regarding the length, for the porn it is interesting a penis that has a minimum length of 18cm, because a greater length of the penis allows a greater variety of sexual positions. Regarding the curvature, how much more straight is better; very deviated penises, some even reaching a dislocation in half, are not very aesthetic. Finally, the ideal width is a middle term, something that is not painful for the passive but has a presence. Although important widths also have their place, but they need to find passives capable of accepting that volume by entering their posterior sphincters.

In addition to the measurable characteristics, in the category of best cock the model needs to have a spectacular member in its benefits. You have to have a bombproof erection, safe and firm. His cock almost has to be a spring, something that jumps as soon as it is needed. He has to know how to penetrate the ass of his companions without compassion but with affection, and he has to know how to make the zumba buzz like no one else.

In this category the winner of the best cock is: Ehrik Ortega.

Ehrik Ortega spanish gay pornstar

Ehrik Ortega

Ehrik is one of those males that excite the dead!

Best ass

Buttocks are very important in gay porn. In any movie where there is a fuck you will see a tail and a butt. Tails are as important as asses. So, if throughout the footage is a part of the anatomy that is going to see a lot, it deserves a space of its own in this selection of the best.

There is a certain consensus on what are considered beautiful buttocks. The ass has to be round, upturned and firm, with a bubble shape; if the buttocks are flat or flat they are aesthetically unpleasant, it seems that the model lacks that attribute; the same happens if it is soft or flabby. It must also be proportionate to the size of the model, especially that it is compensated with the width of the back.

Taking into account all these parameters, the winner to the best ass is: Ángel Gómez

Free photo access profile Ángel Gómez latino movie gaypron

Ángel Gómez

His character is lively and generous in proportion to his great qualities as a lover. Like any good athlete he doesn't like losing, giving one's all in each competition. Strong and powerful, with an insatiable desire.

Best nude

To assess the best nude we take into account the harmony of the whole. In this section, the physical form of the model is also taken into account in a very important way. A fibred body with well-marked abs will win many points. As well as a muscular body that marks well the muscles in the arms, the pectorals and the abdominals. To participate in this category these are the first elements that have to be yes or yes.

Also, having a good physique, come into play to a lesser extent the sexual attributes, the tail in other words, the testicles and, of course, the glutes. It is interesting that in erection the testicles do not rise above and disappear, that will make the whole of the nude very bad. The presence of freckles, marks or scars can be positive or negative depending on the type and place where it occurs. Well rounded buttocks and proportioned with the rest of the body are also a very relevant aesthetic element.

Regarding hair, it is not essential that the model is shaved. In fact, the important thing is the harmony of the whole. If that model is better with hair, then it is better not to depilate. Although the presence of hair, in some cases, can prevent proper appreciation of muscle tone, to be hidden behind the hairs.

Having taken all these parameters into account, the winner of the best nude is: Danilo Danman.

Danilo Danman spanish gay pornstar profile

Danilo Danman

Como en la fiebre del sábado noche, este bailarín madrileño ¡te hará seguir el ritmo!

Best Gay Porn Star

Who do we consider to be porn stars?

Our production company is usually nurtured by novice Spanish actors, who want to start in the world of gay porn. Unlike other producers, we do not look for consolidated actors to film, because we believe it is to continue giving the public the same product that they have already seen in other places. We think that, by offering new models, we satisfy the taste for novelty.

Having new models has its drawbacks: inexperience, insecurity, sometimes lack of professionalism and seriousness at work. But it also has advantages, such as enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

In any case, throughout our existence, we have worked with some actors who already came with a background and a previous curriculum. And those actors, even having worked for large firms, have been excited about our project and have decided to participate. From our position, that is always exciting, since it confirms us in the idea that we make a fresh product and that it is not found anywhere else; that's what some of those actors have told us.

To get a better gay porn star, you also need to have a name in the gay porn industry. It is not necessary to reach the category of big media star, but if you have worked with large producers and be someone known in the world.

Established the above parameters, the winner for best gay porn star is: Jorge Ballantinos.

Free photo access profile Jorge Ballantinos latino movie xxx gay pornstars

Jorge Ballantinos

Jorge Ballantine is more than a muscular body. He is sexuality made man. At 26 years he has already come a long way in the world of gay porn and we're sure you'll love to see him on our website, as surely from that moment all your sexual fantasies will have him as a main character...