Kenzo Alenkar

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I am a nice boy, good friend of my friends.

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I like everything. Basically I like sex and I try to enjoy every part of it.

How's your kind of guy?: 

I like all kinds of guys, and I try to get the best of them all.

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  • Kenzo Alenkar challenges Jorge Ballantinos

    Kenzo Alenkar liked very much Jorge Ballantinos and challenged him. He proposed us to fuck him up in the air grabbing him with his arms. Will Kenzo be able to get Jorge and move him like a puppet?

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    You can already enjoy the gay porn webcam show where Kenzo Alenkar jerk off for you all.

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  • Marcos challenges Kenzo Alenkar and Damián Creus

    During his gay porn casting, Marcos told us he is passive. But we had to prove this was true. He met Kenzo Alenkar and Damián Creus. Both of them would be active and they would fuch his ass in turns. Can he resist?

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  • Kitos and Sandro challenge Joan de Bi and Kenzo Alenkar

    This time we joined two of our candidates and they did a casting together. One says to be active and one passive. So we tried them at once, to see how they work as active and passive.

    It was too hot that summer in Barcelona and you can see them sweat a lot. So you can see how much it costs them to take their bread with the sweat of their brow.

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  • Kenzo Alenkar and Jhony C having fun

    Our boys, in addition to testing new candidates, also want to have fun between them. One boring evening Kenzo Alenkar and Jhony C wanted to fuck together and we told him they were allowed if we could film it. Here you have the results.

  • Christian Martin challenges Kenzo Alenkar and Izan

    After passing his individual casting, Christian Martin had to cross with Kenzo and Izan. This is a video we didn't publish in its moment and we have recovered it for you all.

    Christian challenges Kenzo and Izan