Ángel Gómez

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Normally I'm a nice guy, I like to seduce with my smile. Because I come from a very exotic place I am used to call attention. But I'm picky. I am not content with anything.

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In bed I like to dominate. I sweat blood as the next man. My lovers, who have been enough, have never complained. On the contrary they want more, and I of course can't refuse.

How's your kind of guy?: 

Strong, athletic, I like guys who take care of themselves. Hundred percent horny. If you have good cock better, but otherwise not I put it, I have enough of it. Few guys are reluctant to give me a good blowjob.

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  • Blindfolded

    Angel Gomez craves for sex this afternoon, but not in any way. He has called his friend Max and another guy that is still unknown. He has organized a hot game with a bandage: one will be fucked without knowing by whom.

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  • Ángel Gómez jerk off after physical tests

    When Angel Gomez arrived he was in a very good physical condition. We wanted to test how far he could get his stamina. We were surprised, but he finally fell and jerk off for you all to watch.

  • Live webcam show 2 recorded

    In this show Ángel and Devon bet their asses to a card game. Do you want to know who lost and was fucked up the ass?

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    For our third xxx gay porn webcam show with chat, still in testing phase, we counted again with Ángel, who brought a dildo an played with it under petitions of the audience. Here you can watch the show recorded and edited.

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  • Jorge Ballantinos challenges Billy Baval and Ángel Gómez

    An internationally well known gay pornstar as Jorge Ballantinos wants to join our productions. But he has to prove his aptitudes as the passive he sais he is. He will be tested by Baval Billy and Angel Gomez just out of the shower...

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  • Joan de Bi challenges Ángel Gómez and Michel

    You can imagine how excited were Michel and Ángel Gómez when they knew they had been challenged by Joan de Bi for entering the company. Who can resist this candy boy. A casting full of sex and excitation.

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  • Alex Balero challenges Ángel Gómez and Devon Suárez

    Enjoy the challenge between the nice sport gear type Alex Balero and our two stars Ángel Gómez and Devon Suárez.

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    Our first gay webcam show, recorded for you to remember.

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