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Jose Moreno wants to join the company and he sais he is passive, so we test him with two of our best cocks, Billy Baval and Bruno Salles. Can he stand it twofold?

Jose Moreno, Billy Baval y Bruno Salles touching

Cute Emilio Segura arrives from France to join GayChallenges and meets Devon Suárez who tests him. As Emilio didn't understand spanish, Devon said "eat and shut up".

Emilio Segura and Devon Suárez touching

Joan de Bi was hot and asked Devon Suárez and Jhony C to shoot this scene to calm down his sexual eager. Enjoy with the sex between these three latino Spanish gay pornstars.


Our boys, in addition to testing new candidates, also want to have fun between them. One boring evening Kenzo Alenkar and Jhony C wanted to fuck together and we told him they were allowed if we could film it. Here you have the results.


Jairo Manta, a friendly and talkative young guy with good body and cock wanted to join GayChallenges. Although you all know him because he has performed webcam shows and we have already posted their photos, today we release his casting where he had to challenge Joan de Bi and Christian Martin. We hope you enjoy it.

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This time we joined two of our candidates and they did a casting together. One says to be active and one passive. So we tried them at once, to see how they work as active and passive.

It was too hot that summer in Barcelona and you can see them sweat a lot. So you can see how much it costs them to take their bread with the sweat of their brow.

Gay Porn Castings | Gaymovies

On a torrid summer day Izan had to demonstrate his capabilities as an active. For that he chose two of our pornstars with absolute contrast, Joan de Bi, the twink, and Jorge Ballantinos, the muscular.

The hot climate plus the heat their bodies gave off didn't made it easy for him. In this video you will see what is sweating to work.

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During his gay porn casting, Marcos told us he is passive. But we had to prove this was true. He met Kenzo Alenkar and Damián Creus. Both of them would be active and they would fuch his ass in turns. Can he resist?

Gay Porn Castings | Gaymovies

In this show Jairo Manta went directly to matter. Even before he was sitting, he already had his dick in his hand. Wasn't it a gay porn webcam show? Then here it is.

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Now you can enjoy the sucking show Christian Martin and Jairo Manta performed from Boyberry.

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