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To join the company Dylan Vargas must first proof himself in front of the camera, playing with himself.

Dylan Vargas plays with himself

After demonstrating his aptitudes wanking, Ricardo Bacu had to face Ehrik Ortega and his large cock.

Ricardo Bacu challenges Ehrik Ortega

Here you can see the jack off young Ricardo Bacu did to demonstrate his aptitudes in the first casting he did for us.

Ricardo Bacu jacks off

Young and handsome Ehrik Ortega wants to join the company and the first we ask him is to show his aptitudes in front of the camera alone peeling his banana.

Ehrik Ortega peels the banana

Martín Klaus came to the company and Carlos Perez acted as host, because he wanted to enjoy the body and tool of Martín.

Martin Klaus challenges Carlos Pérez

After passing his individual casting, Christian Martin had to cross with Kenzo and Izan. This is a video we didn't publish in its moment and we have recovered it for you all.

Christian challenges Kenzo and Izan

Danilo had to challenge Jhony C, who wanted to start a new stage of active screwing many asses. Danilo Danman had to give him his back and open to allow Jhony's cock.

Danilo Danmay and Jhony C posing

Young Nico wants to join the company. We have looked for another of our twinks to test him, Alejandro Ríos. But young Alejandro brings a nice tool. Can Nico with this?

Nico challenges Alejandro Ríos

To join the company, the first we asked Danilo Danman was to burst a nut in front of the camera. Enjoy!

Danilo Danman bursts a nut

A new model wants to join the company and we ask hum to shave his cucumber in front of the camera. His name, Sandinel Mas.

Sandinel Mas shaves the cucumber