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Alain is a Spanish pure blood, a young and ardent black haired who with his innocent look can catch you in his network, no matter how secure you are ... dash and warm blood are just some of his qualities as a good lover. Ready to be seduced by Alain?

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A muscular body, exotic features and a penetrating gaze make Aitor Sánchez a temptation hard to avoid ... Be seduced by the sensuality and passion of this young and powerful Colombian, who with his undisputed talent immerses you in a dream of lust of which you won't want to wake ...

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Sensual and dark boy. Max's gaze is disturbing. If he chooses you it's difficult not to feel very excited. Little is known about him, he likes to surround himself with an aura of mystery. When he approaches you feel an excitement coming from the bottom. Max is pure vice.

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His character is lively and generous in proportion to his great qualities as a lover. Like any good athlete he doesn't like losing, giving one's all in each competition. Strong and powerful, with an insatiable desire.

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Christian looks shy, but a wild beast hides behind his boyish appearance. Be careful with him, when he puts his mind to something he doesntt stop until he succeeds; he is a hard rival. His big fantasy is to win a skater contest where the prize is to fuck the looser.

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We like Yago because he is very malleable. So much he looks like a cute teen and seduces you with those dreamy eyes, that he looks smug and becomes a badboy that will give you what you deserve.